GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Inc.

GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Inc.

Greenwood Mayor Signs Proclamation to Mark Milestone Year for Community Action Network

Friday, Apr 26, 2024

May 2024 will mark a significant milestone for the national Community Action Network - Community Action will celebrate 60 years in May, as it was established in 1964 to help American families and communities overcome obstacles in poverty. GLEAMNS HRC is one of 1000+ Community Action Agencies across the country, working to help alleviate and combat the effects of poverty. During a Greenwood City Council meeting on April 22, 2024, Greenwood Mayor Brandon Smith signed a Proclamation for Community Action Month. He proclaimed May 2024 as National Community Action Month in recognition of 60 years of hard work and dedication of GLEAMNS HRC and all Community Action Agencies across the country.

See the Mayoral Proclamation in full text here.

Greenwood Mayor Brandon Smith (right) is pictured with GLEAMNS Assistant Community Services Program Director
(Zsaquez Flucker/left), who appeared before the council to request the Proclamation.